Zoya: Kristi NOTD

Kristi In Shade

Kristi is from the new cream collection Zoya just released for Fall 2010.  There were a few reds released, but this one was one I had to get right away. Kristi is a very bright, cool toned red. This color actually is very similar to Borghese Red ,which I love. Both are one of those reds that when you apply it, you can see all the pink and brightness in it. I used two coats and got a nice, even, smooth outcome. This color isn’t very unique or different, as you can see, but many girls can agree you can never have too many red polishes.

I’m not a huge fan of red polish. Recently when the Chicago Blackhawks were in the playoffs, I had red nails for 2 weeks straight and I could barely stand it, haha. I haven’t thought about wearing red since until today. I feel as though clean up is always difficult. I can never get all of the color off of my cuticles or around my nail bed. I just can’t stand that it doesn’t look almost perfect. It’s probably because the color is so pigmented and bright it’s just hard to do. Also the same thing happens when I remove red polish for a new polish color. I am trying to appreciate more the classic that is red nail polish, but I’m not really a “classic” style type of girl when it comes to anything. In clothes, polish, etc. But I do need some nice reds in my polish collection so I got Kristi for this reason.

– Liz


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