Essie: Turquoise & Caicos NOTD

I would like to apologize from the lack of posting the last few days. I wore Essie Sag Harbor a couple of days ago and wanted to post about it. However, by the time I could take photos of it to write about, fabric glue had dented and ruined my mani. And I was not going to put anyone through the pain of looking at photos of it. I’m sure I will wear Sag Harbor again soon and will be able to write about it for you guys. I was so sad!

I’m going to announce something in this post that some of you might think (or realize) that I am slightly a freak / weirdo. I don’t buy China Glaze nail polish and actually, neither does Lauren. You all might have noticed that it’s one of the brands we haven’t covered yet, and it’s because we both do not own any.  This is because everytime Laur and I would go polish shopping, we’d swatch a nail with a China Glaze we were interested in and it would look horrible. Not pigmented, sheer, etc. Also, I do realize this isn’t really a fair way to judge nail polish but we did. However, this will change when the Vintage Vixen collection is released. Lauren and I have been dying over most of the colors since we saw the first promo pics. So, we will be giving them a fair trail then.

I bring this up because everyone seems to mention that For Audrey is the Tiffany & Co nail polish. It’s a girls go to color for Tiffany blue. I have no idea since I do not own this polish. But what girl doesn’t love Tiffany’s and furthermore, Tiffany’s blue? It’s an iconic, feel good color for women of all ages all over the world. I recently saw a color wheel comparison of “Tiffany Blues” at PolishHorderDisorder that was amazing and then realized that Essie Turquoise & Caicos is a true match to Tiffany blue. (Also interesting Turquoise & Ciacos can be T&C, same with Tiffany & Co..) so I wanted to swatch it for you guys and let you all know! I was surprised that I had not read more about this, or it wasn’t mentioned on more blogs, etc.

T&C in overcast

T&C is from the 2010 Essie Resort Collection that was released this year. This color is amazing. However, for some reason I had not gotten around to wearing it until now. I love blue greens so I have zero idea what my problem was. The formula on this polish was very thin. I had to apply three thick coats for even coverage and full saturation. However, the finished product is pretty close to perfect. It’s so smooth and shiny. It really is beautiful.

Bottle, T&C box, and T&C

Ah, what about this photo isn’t great? I can say that one of the best joys in life is receiving a Tiffany’s box. Whether you are getting yourself something special, it’s a surprise from a friend or boyfriend, it is one of the most exciting and best things to give and receive. Like I said, Tiffany’s is iconic and something women love. It’s a very special gift, and a polish color that is absolutely perfect for any woman any time of the year.

I would also like to mention something else about this color, and others, that I have noticed on the internet. There will be polishes that I own and have worn as mani that I see swatches of on the internet that look nothing like what the polish really is. For some reason, people tend to edit their photos by adjusting the color so much that the photos are nothing near what that polish truly is. This is something I can not stand. I am not someone who knows how to edit photos well, have an excellent camera, or think my photos and blog are the best or anything like that. However, I do not want to post photos on here that don’t give you all a true and best to my ability representation of a polish color. That does nothing but confuse me when I read reviews and swatches.  There are some blogs that I just can’t look at because people tend to do this.  This is just a rant I guess. But I keep noticing it and just wanted to vent about it. Has anyone else noticed this and is bothered by it?

Until I blog again,

– Liz



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2 responses to “Essie: Turquoise & Caicos NOTD

  1. I love this color, I need it in my life!

  2. Just running by to let you know you have a brand new fan!
    Reading one post on your site made me absorbed without delay.
    Really, you are awesome!

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