Zoya: Hope NOTD

Hope in Sun

I sure am on a Zoya kick, huh?

One of the girls that is in my camp group at one of my jobs has been asking me to paint my nails “dark purple” for about a week. She is completely adorable, and not to mention my favorite camper, of course her wish is my command. I thought it was interesting that she kept asking for “dark purple” so I had to find a color that I thought she would really enjoy that was pigmented, purple, and not too light per her request.

I had not worn Hope yet, like many others I have mentioned it’s one of the many new Zoyas I have recently bought/ordered/exchanged/whatever. I love purple polish so picking the right one out for this task was quite interesting. This purple  has a metallic finish/sheen that lends gold flash every now and then in the sunlight. Hope is also very saturated and sexy. Sort of like a classy edgy polish choice. This color is actually pretty similar to Essie Sexy Divide, which I also love! The formula on this polish was perfect Zoya. I did the standard two thick coats. This polish isn’t extremely unique but I feel like many of us have multiples of this kind of purple. For me, the more the merrier.

Is it Friday yet?!

– Liz



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4 responses to “Zoya: Hope NOTD

  1. Very Pretty! I have Juno but I haven’t tried it yet.

    • It’s sometimes so hard to keep all of the Zoya names in order, haha. I actually do like the idea of all names for polishes but sometimes it just confuses me.

      Juno will be great I’m sure! It seems like a really good early fall color.

      – Liz

  2. SisterLes

    Oooh! I like it! I just painted mine Orly’s Fantasea and it’s so pretty. I want to bring it home for you to try out!

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