Milani Liquid Metal Collection

Have patience with me, everyone… these are my first swatches. Apologies since they aren’t all that great, but I had to start somewhere! These are the Milanis that I got from CVS the other day!

Molten Rock

Melt Down

Melt With U

The formula on these was awesome and they are VERY sparkly. I used 2 coats for all of them, but I think 3 would look really nice and give a lot of depth. I’m wearing Melt With U currently and am really enjoying it. The 2 reds are a lot alike, the first one, Melt Down, has a lot more purple in it, and Melt With U I expected to be a lot more orange, but it’s definitely still red. On the whole, I like Milani’s polishes and I like this collection. I wish it would’ve been easier to find so I could’ve gotten the other colors, especially Hot Metal!



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