Zoya Fall Swatches & NOTD

I have a couple swatches from the new fall Zoya collection that I took today to share with you all. Almost all of the colors in this collection are SO unique. I think they are all really cool and interesting. They are very modern fall colors. I really love them all.

Julieanne in Partly Sunny

This is Julieanne. This is one of the sparkles from the collection. This color is really hard to describe and was very hard for my not so great camera to capture correctly. In this photo, you can see in the bottle the goldish yellow orange sparkle in this dark purple polish. This color sort of says Halloween to me with the color combo. However, this polish reads very sophisticated as well. Imagine it with a chic fall outfit, boots and brown trousers? It’ll be the best finishing touch. (Please excuse my lack of clean up for these swatches. I didn’t do any.)

In Full Sun

I wanted to also include a full sun photo of this color because the purple base color really shows. It’s such a nice dark purple. This was two coats. For me, the Zoya sparkles tend to be a bit thin, but as I have mentioned recently about five times, that doesn’t bother me. For regular wear, not swatching, with the sparkles I usually do three coats for the maximum sparkle goodness.

Shawn in Shade

This is shawn. This green creme is a very interesting color. This to me is a forest green. A really perfect forest green. It’s not too dark, and it doesn’t seem to take on a muddy hue at all that I sometimes see greens doing that makes me crinkle my nose at them in photos. It dried slightly darker than the bottle shows the color, but also it could just be the way it leans on my skintone. I don’t have many green creme polishes, and to me this was a really nice choice to throw into this collection for fall because it’s not too “christmasy,” not too dark, and is a really interesting color. This was two coats and the formula was great. Not too thin and not thick at all.

And just because I love it so much, my weekend mani choice is Charla.

Charla in Party Sunny

Who doesn’t like looking at this color? It’s so great!

I was in a very Zoya mood today.

– Liz


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  1. I am really excited about Burke but I won’t get it yet.

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