CVS Haul

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good holiday weekend. Mine wasn’t much, I’m in the process of moving and don’t have electricity or internet right now. So this morning when I needed to get out of my place I wandered over to CVS and found two spectacular sights: two random buckets filled with OPI polishes and (finally) a display for the Milani Liquid Metal collection that I had been coveting.

Now, someone had maliciously tried to hide the Milanis from me, they were practically all gone, I’m assuming because they were going for 50% off. I did manage to discover 3 remaining bottles, but unfortunately since I can’t update from home I don’t remember exactly what colors I bought. I know I have Melt With U (I think the darker red?) and Molten Rock (teal-blue), but I can’t remember the name of the other one. I’m still searching for Hot Metal, which is the purple one.

Milani Liquid Metals

The buckets of OPI were mostly filled with the Hong Kong Collection, but I did find a few other things in there. I got Friar Friar Pants On Fire, which is supposedly part of OPI Classics, but I’ve never seen it before and the color struck me as something I would really like. Probably the biggest prize of all is OPI DS Fantasy, which I got for $8.50 because CVS doesn’t know any better.

Friar Friar Pants On Fire and DS Fantasy

Very excited to try all of these! I have so many polishes to use. I swatched them pretty quickly on my nails in the store to see what I was getting, they all looked really nice and went on well. Milani Molten Rock looks like a less green version of Zoya Charla, similar, but not an exact dupe. Unfortunately my nails need a little TLC right now due to some peeling I discovered so I’m going to have to treat them and go naked for a couple days. Let’s hope I get internet soon!




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3 responses to “CVS Haul

  1. I love that CVS is carrying some OPI right now and I did think the Milani was similar to Charla 🙂

  2. I have the teal Milani and absolutely love it!! it’s sooo rich and gorgeous…the only downside is it’s a total pain to get off your nails once you’re done 😦 still, the color’s totally worth it!

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