OPI Designer Series: Amethyst

Amethyst in Sun! OMG!

First of all, I would like to say hey to all the new readers we have had stop by today thanks to our new twitter account (Follow us!  twitter.com/PickYrPoisonLLT). It is seriously SO exciting for all of us here at Death By Polish and it has literally made my week. I’m so happy.

Now to the INSANITY that is this polish. I have zero idea why on earth I never took the time to buy one of these polishes until last week. Everytime I would see them I would think, “$13? Yeah, it looks cool but $13?” Which is also really funny since I ordered this online so I actually paid $13 + shipping. Stupid me.

This is Amethyst. I actually think the person I ordered this off of Ebay sent me the wrong color, but I do not care at all. I LOVE purple and just look at this polish! I feel like I am being hypnotised by how awesome this holographic polish is. I recently saw Megan’s post over at littlemusicboxes.blogspot.com swatch all of these and it just convinced me I needed them all. I used two thick coats of this polish and it applied perfectly. I had no trouble at all with it. I literally can not wait to purchase more of these as soon as possible. Like, yesterday.

Here is another photo for good measure:

Amethyst in Partly Sunny

Orly has a new line of polishes coming out for fall that are called Orly – Cosmic FX and I feel as though they are going to be in response to this line of OPI’s. There are going to be six Orly Cosmic FX’s. They polishes have  mineral pieces, crystal, and glass in them. The glass part sounds sort of strange, but the photos I have seen of them look amazing. Lots of cool toned shades, which are my favorite. So shimmery and pigmented.  I can not wait for them to be released.

I also wanted to mentioned that my Sally Hansen Complete mani lasted for the better part of 3 full days and I’m very pleased with that!

– Liz


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