Sally Hansen Complete Manicure: Ring My Shell

So, I have decided that Seche Vite basecoat may be horrible. I’m not sure if I had fully mentioned about how my nails were continuing to chip the second day with it, but they were. And not only that, I painted my nails Saturday (Essie Bermuda Shorts. I really wanted to post about it because I love the color, but the color was so hard to capture that it kept coming out too pink and it was too annoying I couldn’t deal with it) and they chipped later that night. I was so bummed. So I’m done with the SV basecoat. And I began to remember everyone raving about the wear of the Sally Hansen Complete Mani polishes, and I do own a few of them from the summer line, but have never gotten around to wearing them for some reason. So, here goes one.

Ring My Shell in Shade

This is Ring My Shell (Such a cute name, right?). I felt like lightening up my polish because I feel like I have been doing such pigmented colors lately, so this worked out. I had layered this polish over a purple before and it looked so horrible and so frosty that I had to take it off. So since then I hadn’t thought about it. But I am going to give this polish a test run and see how long I go without any chips and test the wear. I know people say they last four to five days wearing it, so I will let you know how long it lasts on me. This color is pretty. It’s a light pink with tons of white shimmer. It seems almost bridal to me, which actually depresses me. I used three thicker coats. It is sort of sheer. I painted this color last night and with my workday being done today, I don’t have any chipping or tipwear.

I also was sitting at home one night last week sucked into an Internet blackhole and ended up buying some polishes I have wanted. I got two of the three polishes from the Essie North Fork collection that I have been wanting for forever. I wish I could get my hands on the green from it, Greenport, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the Internet which is also depressing to me.  So I got Shelter Island and Sag Harbor.  I’m sure I will swatch them soon since I have wanted them for so long. Does anyone know where I could get my hands on Greenport? Maybe I missed it somewhere.

Wishing Monday was already over,




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6 responses to “Sally Hansen Complete Manicure: Ring My Shell

  1. So surprised you’re having trouble with Seche! I started using both their base and top coats after years of drugstore brands and can say it made a HUGE huge different in wear for me. Maybe you got a bad bottle? Or maybe it’s just Seche topcoat that’s the miracle worker. Anyway, hope whatever you’re using now works!

    • See, I had such high hopes for the basecoat because I enjoy the topcoat so much. Then the more I thought about it, I seemed to notice that no one really talks about SV as a base. So I do think that the topcoat might be the one doing all the work. I was so disappointed! I am back to my Barielle nail rebuilding protein. But Nubar basecoat is next on my list to try!

      – Liz

  2. Linda

    Hi, I’m very much a Newbie here, so could you give me a bit of leeway please? I’m from Yorkshire, in England so I don’t have the access that you girls have to Barielle, Essie or Zoya, apart from eBay of course, but funnily enough, I like “word of mouth” from people that I know, or work with.
    My nails are naturally quite strong and grow to quite a long length, if I want them to (but I don’t ‘cos I work on a damned keyboard all day). Anyway, I made a very big mistake, a year ago, when I went to my local nail salon and had an acrylic coating on my nails.

    They looked spectacular – everyone said “My god, are the real?” And my reply was “sort of…..bla, bla, bla”

    If I’m boring you now, tell me to stop

    • Linda

      ……anyway on the day that I found green mould on one of my nails under the acrylic I had to go back to the salon. The sharp intake of breath and the “We’ll have to take it all off” said it all. My nails were like tissue paper – an absolute MESS, and stayed that way for ages….and ages…. whilst I was trying various “recovery products” (no names, please – apart from Avon, who did something with Lemon; which surprisingly, they don’t do now) and I eventually discovered Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Cure. This has been my nadir! Literally! What an absolutely fantastic product – getting back to what was saying earlier about “word of mouth” I can thoroughly recommend this to anyone who has weak nails 🙂

      • Hey Linda,
        That is such a horrible story about your nails. I have never been a fan of acrylics or nail salons to be honest, because I think every women has a horror story from one.
        I’m glad to hear that you found a remedy though! I do think there’s a reason Sally Hansen has been around for so long and still produces quality nail products. I think they do a lot of things right and produce many top notch products. And I will say, I don’t take enough advantage of what they have to offer.
        – Liz

  3. Linda

    …and now I’m back on China Glaze, Orly and OPI – again – and have tried, for the very first time, I might add, Ruby Pumps by CG. Spectacular!

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