OPI: Damone Roberts 1968

Hi all! Please excuse my absence for the last week and a half, I’ve been dealing with all kinds of garbage in addition to not having my own digital camera at the moment.  As a result, I’ve missed out on photographing a few manis, but at least I managed to capture this one!

This is OPI Damone Roberts 1968. I know it has been blogged about a lot and is also limited edition and is not currently available, but it really is a fabulous color. If you ever have the opportunity to get this, snatch it up pronto!! If you are fiending for the perfect mint green, check out some other bloggers’ fabulous comparisons: Vampy Varnish has a very extensive one.

I’ve been wearing this since Friday night and it has been perfect. There is a small chip on my pinky, but that’s about it. The formula was really nice, I remember the first coat being somewhat streaky, but I also had a cocktail at the time of doing my nails so I’m going to go ahead and blame the first coat application on that. I laid it on a bit thicker on the second coat and it worked out well. I think you could also do 3 coats with this, but mine is just 2.

I really love this color, it’s not like anything else I have, I feel like a lot of my other greens have more blue in them and this one isn’t that way at all. I haven’t used Essie Mint Candy Apple in a few months, but I remember that being much more sheer and pale. Damone Roberts 1968 is a bright, true green with more yellow tones in it. I think this is definitely going to become a staple for me, it’s great for spring and summer, but may also be a nice punch of color come winter time.



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