Sonia Kashuk: Tutti Fruitti

Tutti Fruitti!

I know Lauren and I have been talking about this line of polish with nothing to show you guys yet, but finally! Lauren wore Tutti Fruitti the other day and couldn’t wait to swatch it and blog about it, but she is having some beyond annoying issues happening with her apartment currently so she can’t blog or post. But I am here and can’t wait to talk about this polish!

Tutti Fruitti Upclose

I think Lauren read somewhere that Sonia Kashuk spent two years making these colors. Which is pretty cool. All the colors are really nice and I am hoping to get more of them. Though I am pretty sure that they are all creams. This color is great. It is a coral-ish cream. As you can see, it’s much more pink than orange. I really love the color “coral” and all the combinations, shades, and hues that can come from it. Usually I do prefer corals that are more orange than pink, but I love them all. This color is also pretty bright. It’s very saturated and very pretty. This color would look great on toes too. It’s so summery. As for the application, it’s one of those polishes where you should use thicker coats for better coverage and a better finished look. I will also update you guys on the wear of this polish, because I am big on how polishes wear. I have two jobs and work with kids at both of them and am washing my hands a million times a day, getting paint on myself, picking things up, playing, etc so I really appreciate good wear in my polishes.

I also really like the bottles of these polishes! Cute little square bottles with a silver handle.

– Liz


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