Borghese: Pistachio

Pisatacchio In Shade

Oh, Pistachio. You are my second favorite nut, next to cashews, and that might be part of the reason why I bought you. Lauren had already mentioned how Limoncello was quite sheer, so I excepted this one to have slightly the same problem. Although in the bottle Pistachio is so vibrant and pigmented and wonderful that I couldn’t tell if it was going to be sheer at all. Well, it was. I ended up having to put on four coats, and honestly probably could have done five but I refused. The coats were so sheer and light that the four coats didn’t take long so I didn’t mind. But I hate knowing that I had to do four of them.

In sun

This color is really bright. It is basically a kelly green shimmer. Which obviously isn’t the exact color of Pistachio ice cream, which I thought this color would be when I first heard the name.

Waiting patiently for True Blood to start in 28 minutes,



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