Sonia Kashuk Nail Colours

My Sonia Kashuk polish grabs

L to R: Ooh La La (berry creme), Tutti Frutti (bright coral), Smoke and Mirrors (sparkly silver!!)

Ever since I read about the Sonia Kashuk nail polishes, I was super excited to have them. You can imagine how it made my day to stumble across them at Target a week ago. (On a side note: I bought her limited edition bamboo make-up brushes and have been so happy with them!) I had read in a few places about her polishes and how she spent three years developing the formula and the nail in the coffin (no pun intended): they cost a mere $3.99!! At the time, the Target I went to had an additional 10% off all Sonia Kashuk products, so you can get these for even cheaper, if you’re lucky.

There are 10 colors: some pales (her nude shade, In The Buff, I’ve read is great), pinks, coral, red, blues, a purple, and Smoke And Mirrors, which is the star of the show. I read about Smoke And Mirrors somewhere (sorry I can’t think of who to give credit to at the moment) and had to have it. I painted with this one first and it did not disappoint. The formula on these is awesome, I can’t say enough good things about them, it’s very smooth and feels flawless going on, almost thin, but it doesn’t look thin on your nail at all. Smoke And Mirrors is on the mirrored-nail trend and I think is a dupe for Chanel’s Kaleidoscope, although from pictures it seems that Kaleidoscope is a tinge more platinum-toned, where this is a brighter silver. And if you’re into the mirrored look, you can’t beat this price. I could definitely see reflections in nails, it was a really fun mani.

I have Ooh La La on my toes currently and, again, I really love the color and the formula. I think this color may actually be a dupe in my collection, but these polishes are great and they didn’t break the bank, so I don’t regret it at all. I plan on going back to get several more colors.



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