Borghese: Limoncello

lovely yellow

Borghese Limoncello is from the new Tutti Gelati collection. It’s the brightest of the collection and the only yellow. The other colors are: Maraschino (red-pink creme), Pistachio (medium green shimmer), Menta (sheer, blue-green shimmer), Berry Confezione (purple-pink creme), and Tutti Gelati (bright pink creme). Now, yellow isn’t usually my go-to color (the only other yellow I have is Orly’s Lemonade from this past spring), but I have to admit that out of all the colors in the collection, this one spoke to me. It is quite sheer (this was 3 coats) and you can still see VNL, but it’s so gorgeous that I don’t even mind.

bright & golden!

It’s a lot like having blonde nails! It’s a really soft yellow, with a lot more shimmer than most others that I’ve come across. The Borghese formula is also great, so I’d say this is definitely worth your dollar. It wears very nice, goes on smoothly, and looks gorgeous. This understated yellow is a must-have, whether it’s your first shot at yellow or one of many in your polish arsenal.

Happy painting!



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  1. I have been looking around forever for a swatch of Limoncello! I’m so happy to have found your blog–this color is gorgeous. I own Menta and Pistachio and they’re both very pretty (but so sheer, even after three coats). I am regretting not getting Limoncello after seeing your pics. 🙂

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