Zoya: Gilda

This is my first blog post! Ahhh!

Lauren and I recently recieved our Zoya’s from the Zoya Polish Exchange that is going on. (You can still send in old polishes at zoya.com for a few more days I believe.) This was also our first time buying and using any Zoya polishes so we could NOT wait to try them. Since we obviously heard so much about the sparkles, we had to try them.

Gilda in the shade. Still so sparkly!

Gilda is from the Zoya sparkle collection. It is a bright girly barbie pink with dark pink glitter running all through it. Just putting this color on makes you feel pretty, and also like a five year old pretending to be a fairy. I was a little nervous on the first coat because it seemed to be somewhat sheer. I was thinking that I might have to do three coats, which I hate doing, but after the second coat it evened out and covered great. If you wanted even more sparkle and glitz, three coats would look awesome too.

Gilda in (sort of) sun

It is a humid rainy day in Chicago today, so there wasn’t much direct sunny light for me to take pictures in, but it peeped out for a second and I got this one.

You can see the metallic finish in this one! Even though my camera was being annoying.

Drink it up!,




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2 responses to “Zoya: Gilda

  1. SisterLes

    So cool of you! I love the second pic (with the flowers in the back the polish really pops) & your side pic with the blue polish! Way to turn an obsession into something more! I have registered for site updates! xoxo

  2. i had no idea you had to apply 3 coats of nail polish, i feel like i understand women more now.

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